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Dr. Linda Contos

B's True Loves Hand fed baby parrots large and small,and Pretty Bird Products
bstruloves@hotmail.com 505-977-2953

Backward Glance Gourds
Custom and very personal art work 505-892-0124

Busy Beaks has a huge selection of acrylic, educational, foot, foraging natural and shredable toys plus ladders, swings, parts, perches and avian enrichment ideas. Art by Ludo, books gift items plus more! Busy Beak's email 936-344-8400

Clark's Pet Emporium Owner is Thomas Steeples. Two locations: 11200 Menaul NE Albuquerque 505-292-6288 and 4914 Lomas NE Albuquerque 505-266-2306

Crazy Corn 1-800-birdyum that's 1-800-247-3986

Eagle Inc. Zupreem, Kaytee seed & pellets, Manzanita Wood, Porcelain Crocks. 505-818-5668

Good Bird inc. Barbara Heidenreich Books, DVDS, Magazines 512-423-7734

Southwest Veterniary Medical Center
Daniel J. Levenson DVM
2469 Corrales Rd. NW Suite A. Corrales, NM 87048 505-890-8810

Stagg's Farm Birds, Llamas, Sheep, Hagen Bird Food, Toys and Cages, Moriarty, NM 505-832-0159

Ventana Animal Clinic
5747 Calle Perro NW, Albuquerque,NM 87114
Linda M. Contos DVM, Dr. Christian Pace DVM

Wingin' It! Seed Factory, INC. Birds Delight Bird Seed is SIMPLY the BEST seedfactory@birdseed.com 800-635-9359

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