Sites for Additional Info

Yahoo Bird Click Group
This group is dedicated to clicker training birds. Once joined members have access to instructional files. Members can also leave message for the group to read and answer.

The Parrot Enrichment Website
This site has many ideas to help enrich our feathered companion's lives. The downloadable Parrot Enrichment Activity Books, version 1 and 2, have many great ideas for both large and small birds.

Avian Avenue
This site is an online community of bird lovers. It is a great source of information.

Scrap Maple
This business will send anyone that wants it a 20 lb box of maple wood scraps. Just pay shipping and handling and start making bird toys.

The Gabriel Foundation
The Gabriel Foundation速 is a 501(c)(3) avicultural and veterinary affiliated parrot welfare organization licensed by the state of Colorado, promoting educational outreach, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary pertaining to the needs of parrots everywhere.

The Oasis Sanctuary
The Oasis Sanctuary is a Rescue and Retirement facility for exotic birds, predominantly CITES I and II endangered birds. We offer birds a stable and loving home for the duration of their natural lives. We do not sell or breed birds. Nor do we offer birds for adoption.

The Alex Foundation
The goal of The Alex Foundation is to support research that will expand the base of knowledge establishing the cognitive and communicative abilities of parrots as intelligent beings.

California Bird Nerds
One stop shopping for all your bird toy making needs. If you have any questions they are always quick to answer them.

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