NMBC's Adopt-a-Bird Program

Rules and procedures - Ad-Hoc Selection guidelines

Please review the following guidelines when making a placement decision for birds in the New Mexico Bird Club (NMBC) Adopt-A-Bird program. These guidelines should be evaluated for each placement decision. Each adoption has its own special circumstances, and we depend on your judgment to guide your decision based on these guidelines, while not applying them as inflexible rules.

These guidelines are presented in their order of importance. The most important factor is listed first.

Factors taken into consideration for selecting an appropriate adopter:

  1. Type of health care and feeding which is likely to be provided
  2. Experience working with this type of bird
  3. Proper cage, companions, level of attention, pet/breeder placement
  4. Appropriateness of adopters home
  5. Previous adoption history and results
  6. History of avicultural practices

Additional Considerations:

If the bird is listed as endangered on CITES**, preference will be given to proven breeders of the given species or genus, regardless of their NMBC membership status.

Length of membership in the NMBC

**Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

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