NMBC's Adopt-a-Bird Program

Rules and procedures

When a bird is available for adoption, the entire club membership will be informed by appropriate means. (Newsletter, e-mail, phone calls)

An ad-hoc committee will be formed to select the recipient of each bird (or set of birds) considered for adoption. This committee will be chosen at random from members present at the monthly meeting. The committee will have at least three (3) members, and adoption decisions will be made by a simple majority of this committee. To be eligible for selection to the ad-hoc adoption committee, a prospective member must not be one of the applicants for adoption, and may not act as an agent for any prospective adopter.

If possible, birds to be adopted will be brought to the monthly meeting for members to view.

If a potential adopter is not able to attend the meeting where the adoption decision will be made, the applicant must find a way to present their application in their absence, such as ail the application to an NMBC Board member, or have a representative present the application at the meeting.

The committee is directed to select what they believe will be the best possible placement situation for each bird in the program. Club members will be given preferred status, particularly members "in good standing", meaning regular attendees, which gives the committee additional knowledge of the potential adopter.

There will be a non-refundable fee of $1.00 submitted with each application.

The New Mexico Bird Club (NMBC) makes no claims or guarantees about the health or fitness of any bird placed through the adoption program. In cases where the club has received birds from Albuquerque Animal Services, the birds may have been taken from a stressful environment. The adopters are responsible for any expenses, hardships or liabilities that occur from the adoption of a bird.

Any vet care expenses which occurred while birds were in foster care may be passed on to the adopter. Adoption applicants will be informed about these expenses, if any, before their applications and fees are accepted.

If an adopter does not wish to care for an adopted bird within one (1) year of adopting through the NBMC Adopt-a-Bird program, the bird will be returned to the Adopt-a-bird program.

Adopters will be presented with information about diet, cage size, exercise, mental stimulation, sleep and environmental requirements for the care of the bird(s) they are planning to adopt. A representative of the Adopt-a-Bird committee may visit the new home of the bird to provide advice and/or assistance to the new bird owner within the first year after the adoption.

If foster care is needed before adoption an Adopt-A-Bird program designee will arrange for accommodations until the bird can be placed. The designee will not provide foster care.

Selection Guidelines

Application Form

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